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Nyanlagt bane i Billum, med hyggelige naturomgivelser og udsigt over Ho Bugt

Niels Bakkesen Christensen
Ho Bugt Vej 19
6852 Billum


  • Each person has his/hers own football. There are two sizes of footballs.
  • The game is played individually or in groups of max. 6 persons.
  • Each group brings along a score card and a pencil.
  • The winner is the one who uses the least number of kicks from tee to green.
  • The tee is marked with two white stones. The hole is marked with a flag, with the number of the hole. Each player can use max. 8 kicks on each hole.
  • Each hole is different regarding length and difficulty.
  • You can use your hands if the football ends up in a place where you can't use your feet. This will count as a kick.
  • Please do not wear footballboots.
  • You can bring your food in the handcarts.

Have a nice time!

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Ho Bugt Vej 19

6852 Billum